The Movement Towards Equity And Excellence Essay

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The movement towards “equity and excellence” in education can be a challenging endeavor in the United States. This movement is underscored by the pursuit for academic success of all students—regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, culture, neighborhood, or home language (Ferguson, 2007; Ishimaru & Galloway, 2014; Scheurich & Skrla, 2003). Although the emerges of equity has only been emphasize during the last few decades (Wallace Foundation, 2013), equity has now become a significant debate (Castelli, Ragazzi, & Crescentini, 2012) among policy analyst, policy-makers, government officials and scholars (Espinoza, 2007) and is the new mantra in educational policy (Fullan & Boyle, 2014). In fact, the issue of equity has become a major driver in the U.S. Department of Education, with an emphasis by the Office for Civil Rights (Llamon, 2014). Reports by The Equity and Excellence Commission (2013) and the OECD (2012) assert that a country’s economic and social growth depends on a country’s ability to provide equity in education.
Consequently, researchers have recently begun to make known that new leadership—and no doubt more equitable—practices are needed to teach all students. In the United States, discussions on school leadership and equity were raised as early as the 1970s during the “effective school movement” (Edmonds, 1979) and gaining a stronger footing with the focus on the human dimensions of schooling taking place during the 1990s (Murphy, 1995). Today,…

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