The Movement Of Modern Art Essay

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During the movement of Modern art, it greatly reflected upon renaissance inspired academic art. It also embraced abstraction to realism, romanticism, and symbolism. Also, the effect of Impressionism developed during this time. Artists began to make art regarding people, places, or ideas that interested them. During this time, it was stressed that art mattered, to everyone. Everything about the art, how it was made, the subject matter and much more was so very important. Whereas the people before believed or assumed the art had value.
Modern artists were the first to develop collage art, assemblage, mobiles, some photography and much more. Assemblages were created out of everyday items, found items. Sculptures emphasized “found objects” into their pieces. A major factor that helped with the production of art was the use of the machine and industrialization. This was the artist’s best friend for some art pieces.
Postmodernism is best described as replacing any ideas, forms, and approaches that the modernists took. During this time period, Neo-Dada and Pop art marked the beginning of the postmodern movement. Many artistic forms developed in the postmodern movement. These forms include: video art, performance art, installation art and many more.
Some unique qualities that describe postmodern are involvement of different cultural values, reducing the concepts of reality and uniqueness and importance on the image and display. Postmodernism is well known by…

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