Post Modernism In Edgar Degas

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Nowadays, the word of art is utilized to mean innovative works that are liable to general detect such as, movies, music, singing, written work which is literature, and drawing. Arts considered as the result of human innovativeness. It is viewed as a shade of human culture. It is an outflow of the self, not a statement of the human requirement for the prerequisites of his life, albeit a few researchers view arts as a human need for people such as water and foods. There are many kinds of arts such as Practical arts, visual arts, Fine Arts. This paper shows the difference between modernism and post modernism, some issues that has impacts on the production and consumption of modern art and the style of Edgar Degas in his painting. The modernism …show more content…
“He prefers named himself as an Impressionist as he was a specialist in showing of transient moments and giving a motion to picture “pointed out by Reff, T. (1968). The Pictures within Degas's Pictures. . From 1845 to 1853 he learned at the Louis Lou Grand High School where he was the art instructor Leon Cognit8 pointed out by Nochlin, L. (2018). Women, art, and power. He spent his time at the Louver museum; at that point he studied art painting with Louis Lamuthie in 1855. Edgar had some experience in the works of art between 1855 and 1865 where he began to paint and these paintings were huge and historical such as Scene of War in the middle Ages and The Daughter of Japheth. In 1851 he was influenced by the frescoes because he saw them in Italy and began painting and he started to copy some of Michelangelo and da Vinc’s works. His first paintings were based on one color, like a ballet dancer but soon his painting became colorful and varied as the most important ballet work were the professional dance in the opera, street Lobolotier then he set a series of paintings dominated by blue colors. He shows human’s life in his painting especially women as women play important role in his painting where he painted them with chalk and drawings a woman in the bathtub .such as dancers, hats salesmen and Ballet Rehearsal on Stage which considered as one of the famous paintings as Keith Roberts said “It keeps a little calm appeal, as most expressive dance scenes”, Dega for some time gave an impression to the dancer who moved in his drawings because he wanted to give a feeling that she was moving in the painting as this painting plainly demonstrates the Parisian culture since expressive dance was a noteworthy viewpoint around then. It was not just an hour but the accumulation of innovative components required some serious energy and payment for planning. dega has taken photos

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