The Most Positive Experience Has Made Me The Person I Am Today

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The most positive experience which has made me the person I am today started in the summer after my freshman year of high school. No matter how I try to break down this turning point in my life unravels into a string of events which could fill a book.
I had been raised to accept people for who they are and not judge them on the way they appear. I never completely practiced these beliefs mainly due to ignorance of the moral. I would occasionally act stuck up depending on the company present, always changing my pretense to everyone else’s agenda. Essentially, I was a young man that needed to quit with the façade and find himself.
Upon entering my freshman year of high school I had no “real” friends, I had acquaintances. They were mostly people I went through elementary school with and those connections were soon severed during the division of the cliques. Being personality dependent on others during this time of division found myself lost and alone in the social world.
A few months into school I noticed that there was a group of upperclassmen that were in the marching band who would congregate in the band hall before homeroom. They were honestly a type of people I have only seen in the movies, comparable to characters from ‘The Warriors.’ They donned hoodies and denim jackets decorated with various canvas patches and button pins from bands I never heard of in my life. About three quarters of the way through the school year, I finally worked up the nerve to go and speak to…

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