Essay on The Most Important Thing I Me Is My Family

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The most important thing to me is my family. My husband, Ray, and I have seven kids who are on their way to becoming distinguished adults. They have always been by my side no matter what situation may be. As a united family in a world of turmoil and uncertainty, I believe it is more important than ever to make our families one of the top priorities. I am happy to see all my family together in each others presence during holidays and casual gatherings that manages to bring everyone together under one roof. During these occasions you can find Ray and I sitting in the corner of our tiny living room overseeing everything. I could not think of a better way I would want to spend my time.
My passion is reading books and listening to the radio. Every day during my morning coffee I will spend time in a book or the sounds of music. A top song and one of my personal favorite is "Heaven" by Bryan Adam (TIME). From magazines to novels and short stories reading is a relaxing way to enjoy the day. Fiction books specifically, such as "Lake Wobegon Days" by Garrison Keillor (TIME). Music and books are a way to escape the hectic environment of a busy house.
My hopes for the future consist of the dream that my children will use everything they have accomplished in life and reach their full potential. I wish for their mind set to never give up even when life keeps challenging them. I wish that they would find happiness and stray away from negative impacts in life. Another long time dream I…

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