The Most Important Goal Of American Foreign Policy Essay

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The most important goal of American foreign policy is to defend the independence of the United States, so that America can govern itself according to its principles and pursue its national interests. The U.S. is therefore committed to providing for its common defense, protecting the freedom of its commerce, and seeking peaceful relations with other nations.
At the same time, American foreign policy has a set of long-term goals, or a grand strategy, that have traditionally guided its foreign policy thinking. This grand strategy is shaped by the universal significance of America 's founding principles, and the country 's unique responsibility to uphold and advance these principles.
Thomas Jefferson economized the America. This made the Army and Navy small and weak. British navy grew. They blocked seaboard and harassed the costal shipping attempts. The British burned Washington the summer of 1814. This caused the president and congress to flee. Some believe that the War of 1812 was unnecessary and dangerous. The war affected new and fragile ideas of national unity.
Federal Indian policy establishes the relationship between the United States Government and the Indian Tribes within its borders. The Constitution gives the federal government primary responsibility for dealing with tribes. After Louisiana Purchase Thomas Jefferson ordered that the Indian groups were ordered to move west of the Mississippi River. They said they would live undisturbed by white settlers. This…

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