Essay about The Most Famous For The End By William Shakespeare

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The ability to feel emotion is the most humane trait an individual can obtain, and the ability to express such sentiment is courageous. Not many people embrace their emotions to others, especially not as eloquently as poets did during the 16th and 17th century. A time when poetry was relevantly fascinating as Netflix is today, it was the center of literature in a period when leisure was limited. Still people thrived to hear great poets for example, John Keats, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, Edgar Allan Poe, George Gordon Byron, leaving one of the most famous for the end, William Shakespeare. These are just a few of the popular commonly heard of poets, which leaves out countless others that were just as influential, but I couldn 't go on naming every single poet. When people think about poetry they have this misconception that it must rhythm and use cryptic words no one understands, nearly all believe it need to use old english words such as for, thee, or nor. Truthfully, poetry is simply an expression of writing that uses everyday comparisons to demonstrate thoughts, it’s no different than ordinary feelings, only is masterfully put together. Poetry is a lost art form that is all to often overlooked these days, it 's the idea of deeper emotional connection hidden behind every phrase to emphasize passion, although in the modern world it is uncommon to be mentioned nonetheless even read which leads us to the realization that poetry is already dead.
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