The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Life Essay

1625 Words Mar 19th, 2016 7 Pages
Everybody may face difficult, but crucial and definitive circumstances that truly exemplify his/her personality when it comes down to what he/she decides to do based on his/her personality. The majority of these strenuous circumstances are the cause of embarrassing actions that can be uncontrollable. Embarrassment is commonly acknowledged as an entirely negative emotion because of the way it makes one feel, however, it can actually serve as an important function that helps individuals realize his/her true personality traits and tendencies. The most embarrassing moment of my life, so far, correlates with one of my most strongest capabilities which makes it all the more humiliating. Through this experience I have strengthened my sense of having a modest estimate of my own abilities, my competence to be truthful, my capacity to be flexible, and my capability to be accountable for my actions. Preseason is a period in which athletes recover from the offseason and prepare for the upcoming sports season. Golf is a sport that requires its players to get out on the course day after day to experience the game in order to improve. It is one thing to hit a bucket of balls at the driving range, but it is much more effective to put oneself in real situations that he/she may face in a match. This being said, during the last week of August, as the season quickly approached the team, we played a nine hole round at St. Marks. The course was busy despite the goat path that it was, so we split…

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