The Most Dangerous Game Ending Analysis

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Alternative ending for “The Most Dangerous Game.” “Rainford you must play my game and if you win well i will grant you with one billion U.S dollars”, the General said with a serious look.
“Then i shall play your game to get off this horrid island”, Rainford said looking the general straight in his dark colored eyes.
“Then let the hunt began”, cheered the General. Rainford ran through the wilderness feeling paranoid and the vines smacking his arms leaving him bruises. He knew that the General was a good hunter, but he didn’t think he was good enough to stay on his trial.
“Rainsford remember i'm always one step ahead of you”, General said.
“ I must admit General you’re a better hunter than I thought.” Rainford said yelling from his hiding stop.
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“only 3 more hours till midnight and game over,” he said all traumatized.
All of a sudden Rainford could hear the faint growling of the dogs letting him know that the General isn't playing fair. Rainford runs to the nearest repelling pound, and covers himself in the thick mud to cover up his smell.
“Well isn't this the most beautiful pound i've ever seen”, he said unsatisfied. Rainford ran and ran till he couldn’t feel his legs anymore, so he stopped and looked around and took his time studying the island. Then out the corner of his eyes he saw a large musty cave perfect he thought, and ran towards it. He look at his watch seeing there was only ten minutes till midnight, and he thought i've almost made it.
“RAINFORD,” the General yelled from the top of his lungs.
Rainford look down at his watch and saw it was midnight and ran out the cave with joy and relief.
“Yes general,” rainford said in a calming

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