The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connel Analysis

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Hunting is a killing certain animals for game. “The most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connel tells hunting, and how it could go wrong. Zaroff demonstrates that he is cruel, evil, and he is wicked.
First Zaroff is a cruel person, “that is why i use them. It gives me pleasure, they can reason after a-fasion, so they are dangerous (225).” That means he gets pleasure from killing innocent civilians for game. “A rather good lot, I think i dissolved the gold they are let out at seven every night. If anyone were to try to get in my house - or out of it - something extremely regrettable would occur to him.” He uses his dogs as a form of threat to the prisoners.
Secondly Zaroff is pure evil, “It's a game you see (226) he thinks the people are

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