The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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There is a strong difference between surviving and thriving in society. More often than not, most people spend their time in a constant state of survival, which many refer to as living paycheck to paycheck. Unlike most people, an elite few live in a state of comfort without the thought of hours and wages. The elite, therefore, has the time, energy and resources to be invested in the economics of their society, unlike the average individual who is consumed by a will to live. Similarly, the intention of the game is to accumulate the most points and endure, using the materials you are given. For many of us, we began with just 12 units of labor, which are needed for the creation of everything. The elite began with additional materials such as land, which couldn’t be produced and are needed for survival. This …show more content…
My first instinct was to survive at all costs. To do that, I had to figure out the best method for using my materials.To extend my limited resources, I made strong deals for myself early on with those who didn’t understand the rules or how much power they had. Towards the middle, people became much more reserved with their deals. The elite began to understand their power, and the majority became subject to their trade deals for survival. Therefore, I found myself aligning with Santiago, who had resources I could use to survive. In return, I traded him a service such as helping him find people who needed a resource of his and would trade him a resource worth his time, since I couldn't offer him the resources he wanted. As an elite, his mission became to win at all costs. Therefore, he wanted to keep the market and people in his favor as much as possible. For example, one suggestion of his was to dissolve an elites resources for the benefit of everyone, it seemed good for the poor, but it could have been beneficial for elite, until it was altered in a vote to specifically benefit the

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