The Mosque Of Cordoba And The History Behind It Essay

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Can the Great Mosque-cathedral of Cordoba be used for two religions, and how the design effects these religions?

In this essay will be a brief discussion about the The Great Mosque of Cordoba and the history behind it. Stating how the mosque existed, developed over time and then reconstructed to become a Cathedral. How the Mosque believe both Christianity and Islam are able to pray within the building. Also I will mention the belief systems such as, does a sacred place have to be pure and not recycled. As well as discuss how the design effects both religions.

(Pritchett, 2001)

The construction of the Mosque, was for both Muslims and Christians who shared the same space. In the use of Visigothic Church of St Vincent (Thenandnow, 2009). The Great Mosque of Cordoba is located in the “southern of Spain, Andalusia” (Archnet, 2003). It was built in the “784-786” by the “Umayyad leader called Abd ar-Rahman I” (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016). In 711, when the North African Berbers started sequences of invasions which lead to the creation of the Cordoba. During the 750’s, the Caliphate (political Islamic leader) they had issues with the political confusions and some acts of rebellions. In the 770’s the creator Emir Abd Al- Rahaman I ended the rebellion act. In the 780’s the political issues became stable. The stability allowed Emir Abd Al- Rahaman I to focus on the symbolic creation of the empire (Nabil, 2016). This became the Capital of the Muslim…

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