The Moral Responsibility Of Libertarians Essay

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In my argument, I am going to support Strawson’s claims and argue against Libertarians that it is not possible to be truly morally responsible for one’s actions even with this idea of indeterminacy. Libertarians specifically believe that our free will allows us to have true moral responsibility.
In order to fully understand Strawson’s views and the views of those that counter him, we must revisit what his basic argument is. As human beings, we make specific choices and carry out actions the way we do because of our character or personality or motivational structures (CPM). In order for one to be considered as truly morally responsible (TMR) for one’s choices and actions, one must be truly morally responsible and have full control over their CPM. There is no possible way for one to ever have true moral responsibility for one’s CPM. Therefore, one can never be truly morally responsible for their actions.
Strawson expresses the different components of our overall CPM that we believe we are responsible for, but in actuality, it was given to us. An extreme example that could make this simple to understand is a person’s eye color. The eye color is not something that person could have chosen, or predetermined. Eye color was a product of hereditary factors: something that we simply cannot decide for ourselves. That is pretty much how our initial CPM is created as well. The bits and pieces of what makes us who we are, is not simply something we necessarily decided, but is a product…

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