The Moral Codes Of The Business Side Of Ethical Codes Essay

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What you are about to read is my own interpretation of a moral code that hopefully can be applied in both life and business; this moral code it is neither complete nor correct but simply a work in progress. Throughout this essay I will go through 5 versatile moral codes that will give the reader both insight into my belief system and hopefully their own. My first code “Words are capable tools”, is my most commonly used code it is universal and can be used under a variety of circumstance both business and personal. The next 4 codes have a closer relation to the business side of ethical codes while using minimal points of personal experiences. To start off the business portion of this essay is code “Invest in people rather than projects.” This code aims specifically at investing time, energy and money in deserving people with ethical codes similar to your own. Third is the code don’t ignore what you know is required which more specifically translates to “do not ignore the responsibility to yourself, business, family and society”. The next moral code references the cliché roll with the punches; “adapt to what’s in front of you” because in business, ideas, people and innovations are changing and I find it is an important moral to change with them. Lastly and possibly my most important moral is “pain is inevitable” I chose to add this moral in because I believe as individuals it is our job to minimize the pain we cause others. These five morals are guidelines for…

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