The Moral And Ethical Issue Of Medically Preformed Abortions Essay

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The moral and ethical issue behind medically preformed abortions has been and will always be one of the most controversial issues in medicine. Medically performed abortions have been legally performed since 1973with the Supreme Court ruling in the cases Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton (Guttmacher, 2015). Before the high courts ruling, women could only receive an abortion through illegal channels. This meant visiting unregulated abortion clinics and in some cases women where forced to visit back alley butchers that used dangerous douching solutions or knitting knifes and coat hangers to perform the procedures (OBOS Abortions Contributors, 2014). With the Supreme Court decision of 1973 all of this changed and abortion became sad and available to women across the country. Change doesn’t happen overnight and there are always people that support(pro-choice) and those that oppose (pro-life) change in regards to the abortion debate. Abortions can be preformed throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. Those performed during the first 9 weeks can be completed using medications and surgical procedures. After the first nine weeks only the surgical options are available (American Pregnancy Association, 2014). The Pro-Choicer’s campaign stands behind a women having a choice in what happens to her body, Pro-Lifer’s stand behind the principle that life begins at conception and to abort a baby is the same as murder (Department of Health, N.D.). Medically performed abortions can become…

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