Essay about The Moment That Hawaii Five O Aired On Television

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The moment that Hawaii Five-O aired on TV when I was 12, I knew that I would be able to count on watching it with my family every time it aired. We put aside our individual tasks and problems and gathered around the TV every Friday to watch Five-O. The shows characters gave prominent examples of leadership, honor, and morals, and many lessons from the show still stick with me today. Hawaii Five-O taught me a lot of things about family and what’s really important, and it brought me closer to my family every time we sat down to watch it.
As soon as the show first came out, it became a common occurrence for my family to convene in the living room on Friday night; it was the one time that we could all be assured of spending at least an hour together. The show served as our buffer so that we could relax and unwind after a long, stressful week. Every week, we would try to figure out the crime and who had committed it during the commercial breaks, and I can remember learning a lot about even my parents that I probably never would have otherwise. Even if we couldn’t all be there when the episode first aired, we would wait and watch what we had missed later in the week on the computer. Prior to the show, we were hard pressed to find a show that everyone could agree was worth the time to stop doing whatever it was that we were involved in. We were all so pushed to find time between work, school, sports, and other obligations, that we were always running to get something done. We…

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