The Modernization Of The United States Essay

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Another problem that is facing the modernizing of the U.S. infrastructure is prioritization since they have to know what it in critical danger and what could go a couple more years. Bridges are number one on the list since being suspended makes them critically dangerous to motorist and civilians. In second, are dams which many need repair to hold back the massive amounts of water they keep in their reservoir. Levies which are the backbone of California economy since they supply most of the water that is used for state farming. Sacramento is facing problem that it needs to fix rapidly since many of the levis are at the verge of failing. If the levies were to fail they would put many lives at risk and cost billions of dollars in damages across the whole state. Mayor decisions come to play when thinking what are some of the problem that architects and civil engineers are going to face? There should be a push to change congress control of how they spend their national budget. In 2013, the United States spend two percent of its growth domestic spending on its infrastructure. Therefore there should be an increase on spending so we do not have such a problem on infrastructure. The cost of 3.2 trillion dollars is a massive one, but is what we need in order to get the grading of the U.S. infrastructure to an A. The rating systems fall we a letter grade with an A being excellent, B-proficient, C-good, D-poor, and F-failing. The reason it is a good idea to invest on the U.S.…

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