The Model American Family As Perceived From Before And Now Essay

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Within Colombo’s Rereading America, an emphasis is placed upon an need to “reread (re-evaluate) commonplace ideas.” In this case, that topic is regarding the model American family as perceived from before and now. This essay will discuss specific topics such as that of media influences, job rationales, and same-sex marriage alongside comparing the views as described from within the book to our modern day views. The first article present within the reading was a narrative called “Looking for Work” from the perspective of a nine-year-old Mexican-American boy. Attracted to the family life as depicted on television, he sees his own family as being rather disorganized and less-than-optimal. Hoping to attain a family life like that on televisions, he tries to bring it up to his own family. Needless to say, his attempts were to no avail as they were already used to their daily routines within the family. Unfazed, the boy began looking for work; this was in attempts to transform his family’s life into that of the ones depicted on television. Though, as the narrative continued, the boy’s attitude towards working slowly deviated away from wealth--he was beginning to enjoy what he has. The narrator, a now-matured Soto, reflects upon his past and realizes that he could not have asked for a better family. From the conditions present in the above article, it could be inferred that the young Soto felt a need to change his family in response to families as depicted on television.…

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