The Mission Trip : Oklahoma Essay

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On May 20th, 2013 a massive tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. The tornado was discussed all over the news. That state needed all the volunteers it was able to get to help clean up debris, then eventually start the rebuild process. My church saw this as an opportunity to have a mission trip. A group of teenagers and adults from my church planned a trip to Oklahoma that June. When arriving there I was extremely emotional seeing the destruction everywhere. The mission trip changed me for the better in multiple ways. I used to be selfish, ungrateful, and lazy. During the mission trip I realized anything can be taken away at any time. I learned how to be a hard worker, and I was determined to accomplish my goal. When the trip was over, I became more caring and grateful. The trip changed how I felt about myself, others, and my overall view of life.
Before heading to Oklahoma I portray qualities I now despise. I considered myself as a selfish person. For example, I was nice to everyone I came in contact with, and if someone needed assistance, I got involved. Even though I helped those in need, I always mumbled in my head, “I actually don’t want to do this”, or “I want to do something else.” Not only was I a little selfish, I was ungrateful. I always wanted more than what I had. For instance, even though I had pairs of boots, I would say to my mom, “I saw this girl in school with these really cute boots. I wish I could get them.” My mom would then say, “Angela you already got boots.” I…

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