The Miracles Of Jesus Christ Essay

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Jesus Christ was the promise fulfilled and hope of salvation, by faith, for those who are lost. Harrelson stated in The New Interpreters Study Bible that, “Jesus’ life and ministry reveal God’s presence to the world, but also confronts the world with the difficult decision of whether or not to accept this revelation” (1906). God did not have to send his son to offer salvation to the world, he could’ve simply mandated it, or dramatically opened the heavens and given the call for salvation. Yet, God sent his son, so that we could see love demonstrated. Jesus demonstrates love, compassion, acceptance, and power through the miracles he performs while on earth. Rhodes warns us, in The Mighty Acts of God, the preaching ministry of Jesus is equally as important as his mighty deeds, and never underestimate the miraculous acts of Jesus Christ (274). The miracles that Jesus performed served many purposes in the Gospel, the most important being bringing lost souls to repentance. There is written evidence of Jesus’ miracles in each of the four Gospels, the total number of miracles recorded in the gospels is 37 (Rhodes 274). Rhodes suggests that “many think of miracles as a suspension of a law of nature”, however, this is not supported by the writers of the Gospels (276). The Gospels show overwhelming evidence of Jesus systematically using miracles to enhance the work of the kingdom. Categorically, these miracles include, healing, exorcisms, raising the dead, feeding hungry,…

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