The Mind Of Life - Original Writing Essay

1232 Words Mar 14th, 2015 5 Pages
He looked into the bright led screen, the touch tone keyboard clacking away in his barren room. Clothes littered his floor, a small square bed solemn in it 's corner, soiled and uncleaned bowls laid across his desk. A loud exasperated sigh escaped his lips in frustration. He had lost another match it wasn 't just a form of entertainment it was his way of life. His entire beings had sunk into this unnerving vice. Consumed by this strange illusion that perhaps if he was successful in his hobby he 'd feel acknowledged. No longer afraid to face the reality that he may not be suited for the harsh light of day. Through his entire life he had gotten by pure serendipity and a dash of natural ability. Having just aced his most recent exam he retreated back into his den. He was sheltered It was not as though his parents denied him access to the world, but the shelter was of his own conviction. Stricken by an unnerving anxiety. Perhaps feeling as that disappointing his parents the people who did so much for him was enough to send him into retreat. The thought of failure was enough to slap him down a winding spiral of self deceit. As time passed the estranged idea that he was uniquely suited for this world brewed, deep inside this entitlement that he was born into. As adulthood came this aberrant thought of his grew even stronger. 'He was destined to do great things ' The thought ruminate in his mind. Those words where the ones spoken by his parents but they lingered within. Faced…

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