The Mind Body Problem : Dualism And Dualism Essay

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For hundreds of years, philosophers have debated on monism and dualism, two different philosophical views of the human body. Philosophers have been trying to decide whether the individual is made up of the mind, the body, or both. The mind-body problem is the problem of explaining how mental states are related to the physical states, given that the human body is a physical thing and the mind is non-physical. There are different varieties of the mind-body problem, but most people would fall under the categories of either dualist or monist. An example of why a dualist accepts this view is because they are usually “someone who believes that Good and Evil—or God and the Devil—are independent and more or less equal forces in the world” (Robinson). On the contrary, monism “is the theory that there is only one fundamental kind, category of thing or principle” (Robinson). In other words one the differences of these two theories, dualists believe that the mind and body are completely different entities while monists believe that there is only one unifying reality for the mind and body. The basic similarity between both of these theories is that they both contain many categories that go deeper and more detailed in said theory. I will now explain what monism and dualism is and which theory that I defend on my beliefs. Monists believe that there is one nature to things. But monists disagree on whether the one thing is mainly mental or physical. There are two basic types on monism. The…

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