The Military Strategy, Nature And Nature Of Strategy

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What Is Strategy?
Strategy derives from the ancient Greek word ‘Strategos’. Translated literally it meant "the general's art." In the past it referred primarily to military matters of an overall nature such as a major campaign or the overall conduct of a war.1
Strategy is an interdisciplinary (involving two or more different subject or areas of knowledge) academic field centered on the study of conflict and peace, often devoting special attention to the relationship between international politics, geo strategy, international diplomacy, international economics, and military power. In other words, in strategy deals with the activities which are directly link with the war as well as how to make policy in the battle field
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The strategic process is all about how leadership will use their power which is available in their state in order to take control on the circumstances and geographic locations to achieve the objectives in accordance with the policy of the state.

Strategy differs from tactics, in that strategy refers to the employment of all of a nation's military capabilities through high level and long term planning, development and procurement to guarantee security or victory. Tactics is the military science employed to secure objectives defined as part of the military strategy; especially the methods whereby men, equipment, aircraft, ships and weapons are employed and directed against an enemy.
Both strategy and planning are subordinate to the nature of the environment. Strategy has distinct attributes and differs from planning in its scope, assumption and premises, but it provides the structure and parameters for more detailed long range and short term planning. Strategy has its own inherent logic that can be understood and applied. Strategy is the consideration of the relations of how to apply resources to achieved desired results in a specific strategic desired environment over
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The Assumptions of Strategic Theory
1) The study of the use of resources to get power
The term strategy mainly related to do any act with all of ends in order to get means. According to the words of Michael Howard’s who refers to the study of Strategic analysis that is “the use of all the available resources in order to gain objectives or means ’. In other words the term ‘use of all the ends’ or the ‘to gain means’ do not refers the simply to the solid use of power that may be work to gain objectives but also to the many Intangible factors that may impose themselves on any decision-maker, mostly that how a actor use all of his political power in order to achieve the goals.
2) The study of the political actor as the central unit of analysis
The strategy strategist examine the calculations of the individual social actor, be it a state, a sub-state entity, or any other social grouping. Hence, strategic theory analysis is interested in describing the choices available to an actor and evaluating the quality of decision

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