The Military of the Roman Empire Essay

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Military of the Roman Empire

The military of the Roman Empire formed the group that held Rome together. They fought with steadfast courage, love for their country, and honor for their people. They overcame some of the deadliest battles, even when they were outnumbered tremendously.
There were several ranks and types of soldiers in the Roman Empire. There were around thirty-five to forty different types of soldiers in the Roman Military, all of which I have listed at the end of my paper.
When Rome was at its highest point it is estimated that there were around 120 million people living there. At its peak the Roman army contained around 20 million soldiers. There has even been evidence that suggest that there were women in the roman
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This meant that the army had to have quick means travel. The Empire's built an extensive and well-maintained road network, and had absolute command of the Mediterranean for most of its history. This enabled the Roman army to travel quickly and effectively. There was no specialized branch of the military devoted to transportation, although this was most likely taken care of by the Roman Navy, because it was much easier and cheaper to transport soldiers and goods though the seas and rivers than it was to transport them over land, although this was sometimes necessary due to the locations of battles. The Roman Military hardly focused on defense surprisingly, whenever they were in battle they would send almost all of their soldiers out to fight leaving very little soldiers back in case of a counter-attack. However, border troops were usually capable of handling enemies before they could penetrate far into the Roman land. Once solders were where they needed to be the army would remove foreign rulers by force or intimidation and replace them with puppets. This helped the Roman Empire expand even more, but also caused them to have a lot of enemies.
Roman cities had a civil guard used to keep peace inside Rome. The Roman Government strongly feared rebellions, because of the amount of people living in Rome and because of this regular Roman citizens were forbidden to be armed. Keeping the peace

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