The Military, Base Commander And The Largest Air Force Base Essay

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Col. Russell Williams, 23 year career in the military, Base Commander in the largest air force base in all of Canada and has transported some of the highest dignitaries to our country as a pilot. But how could someone so accomplished and highly regarded end up incarcerated for life? Let me start by giving you a look at his life before, during and after his career in the military. Born in Bromsgrove, England, his family moved to Chalk River, Ontario and met another family, the Sovka’s. The 2 families became close until at the age of 6 years old, Russell’s parents divorced. Not long after, Russell’s mother married family-friend Jerry Sovka. At that time he took on the last name, Sovka and moved again to Scarborough, Ontario. He attended Toronto 's Birchmount Collegiate. A teenager who no one would guess that would do something so wrong? He was a A+ student, he learned to play piano and delivered newspapers. He completed high school at Toronto 's Upper Canada College and graduated from the University of Toronto. In 1986, at the age of 23 Russell Williams applied to the Canadian Armed Forces. In 1987, he became a member of the military. Russell began being allowed to fly planes in the military in 1990 and was eventually posted at a Alberta air base as a instructor. Promptly promoted to captain on January 1, 1991 he was then posted to 434 Combat Support Squadron in Nova Scotia. He piloted the CC-144 Challenger in the electronic warfare and coastal patrol role. That year he…

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