The Midwestern Community Essay

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The Midwest, a place in the world where communities are closely aligned to one another. These small, rural communities rely on every person in order to create that community. It seems as though that knowing everyone around the small communities was what made a person successful in life. Additionally, these communities valued hard-work and honesty when it came with almost everything they did in their lives; whether it was working in the farmlands or spreading information throughout the communities about certain people to look out for, it was hard to be anonymous inside the city. Unfortunately, there are sometimes citizens that do not look forward to that kind of lifestyle. Consequently, these rural communities take them out of their society and classify them as outlaws. Fortunately enough, southern California drew many of these citizens to the state; they want a chance to live an adventure and a better life. This is what the Midwestern community was lacking, a sense of openness that accepts any person no matter their ethnicity, religion, or social class. Being inside a community means sharing the similar values and working together with other people within that group to achieve a common goal. Equally important, a community’s members help each other within that group in order to make life around them more sociable. Specifically in the Midwestern community, this group was compiled with a multitude of farmers that valued hard-working and honest people. Additionally, the…

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