The Middleman By Bharathi Mukherjee Analysis

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Abstract: The Indian born writer Bharathi Mukherjee is one of the most widely known immigrant writers of America. When she got married with Clark Blaise a Creative Writer in Canada in 1960. There onwards she became a Canadian citizen. Her seven years stay in Canada made feel like an ‘alienated outsider’ and an unwanted ‘visible minority’. The racial discrimination meted out to the expatriates in Canada which made her to leave that country. So she came to the U.S.A in 1980 to become a permanent citizen. She lived in San Francisco. She started writing short stories. Though she has a few novels to her credit like The Tiger’s Daughter, Wife and Jasmine, recognition came to her with the 1988 National Book Critics award for The Middleman and Other …show more content…
Keywords: Alienated, assimilation, immigrant sensibility, cross-cultural, diasporic and immigrant’s quest.
Thematic Analysis of Bharathi Mukherjee’s The Middleman and Other Stories: To explore the diasporic experiences depicted in Bharathi Mukherjee’s collection short stories, it is appropriate to analyse each story with regard to the experience of immigration and assimilation.
Bharati Mukherjee was born on July 27, 1940 in a traditional Bengali family to affluent parents, Sudhir Lal and Bina Mukherjee in Calcutta, India . She learned how to elucidate and comprise by the period of three (Vignisson). In 1947, she advanced to Britain alongside her relations at the period of eight and lived in Europe for concerning three and a half years. By the period of ten, Mukherjee understood that she wanted to come to be a author, and had composed countless short
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He travels around providing people with guns, narcotics and automobiles. The story takes place in an unnamed country in Central America where Alfie becomes involved in guerrilla warfare. Alfie confesses that his weakness is woman. As a young boy back in old Baghdad, he used to stroll up to the diplomatic enclaves just to look at women and visited whores. Now he works for Clovis. T. Ransome and has a sexual affair with Ransome’s wife Maria. Maria, the dark, sensuous, liberated Latin woman is yet another character in the story who deserves attention. She has a number of affairs with men. She is also involved in guerrilla warfare. When Maria was at the age of fourteen, she was about to be married to the guerrilla insurgency leader, Andreas, she was taken away by Gutterez, the minister of education, when visited her school. Now she expects Alfie to take her away from Clovis. When Maria sees Andreas, she throws herself on him and he holds her face in his hands and in no time they are swaying and moaning like Konnerbial visitors at a prison farm. Andreas and Maria visit Ransome, rob him of his money and Maria kills him with Andrea’s gun. No true love exists between husband and wife. Here is a classic example of a wife murdering her husband for survival. The relationship that exists between husband and wife is purely sexual. There is no love and affection for each other. Poor Alfie saves his

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