Essay on The Middle Of The Night

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It was the middle of January, the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Alexander had gotten himself lost yet again. He didn’t know the road to his new workplace as well as he hoped he would, and he couldn’t afford any proper form of navigation. So he relied on his memory. Somewhere along the trip he made a wrong turn somewhere, or he missed an exit somewhere, or he just got confused and went an entirely wrong way. The unfamiliar road ahead of him glistened under the street lights, covered by a thin layer of ice. It was snowing all day, continuously, but finally stopped. The temperature outside was without a doubt below zero.
The nineteen-year-old boy glanced at his wristwatch. 4:50AM, the clock read. He groaned loudly, slamming his hands down against the steering wheel in frustration. He had to be at his retail job in twenty minutes. He’s been late far too many times already; he knew if he showed up a single second late today he’d miss his job. It was a minimum wage job, so it wasn’t like he was an extremely important employee they couldn’t lose. It was a job that was extremely important that he couldn’t lose, however. He needed the money. He needed it for his mother.
The two earliest facts Alexander knew about himself and his life were that his family were poor, and his mother was terminally ill. Alexander’s father used to help provide for both him and his mother, just enough to stay alive, but not enough to be considered anything but a member of the lower…

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