Essay The Middle Ages

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The High Middle Ages was a time period between the years 1000-1300 during which the European civilization that was formed in earlier years began to thrive. Multiple invasions and internal dissension during the Early Middle Ages put this civilization through strain, however the people recovered from this as time passed and began to regroup as the kings of the time enforced a need for central authority. With this centralization and time of peace many new advances in agriculture were made to benefit the European people and they began to flourish. Areas such as politics, the economy, spiritual life, and social life began to get more notice as the people worried less about obtaining food and supplies. People began to focus on these areas and make them prosper. Political, economic, spiritual, and cultural revivals all took place during the High Middle Ages that formed the foundation for Europe. Great strides were made in politics during this time by monarchs. The process started slowly, with new cities and towns being formed and gaining centralized power, but then grew tremendously. European monarchs slowly became aware of this idea of centralized power and started to put great effort into gaining it for themselves by “developing new kinds of monarchial states that were based on the centralization of power rather than the decentralized political order” that was the norm prior to this revelation. This political revival happened across Europe. For instance in England it started…

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