The Mexican American War And The United States Essay

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The Mexican American War

The United States and Mexico were both newly established countries. Both were less organized than their mother countries. However, one of these two countries had an almost uncontrollable hunger for land expansion. This hunger led to the two countries fighting over true ownership of land. Though the dispute was mainly over claiming land, many other factors helped evolve this fight into the Mexican American War.
The year was 1821. A large territory in the Americas had just recently won their freedom from a higher ranked country. After a long, exhausting, and tedious battle, Mexico finally became free from Spain. Once free to be their own ruler, some government had to be established to keep order. The young country also had to come up with a plan of action to economically recover from the war. The United States was also a newer country at the time. The country seemed to be rapidly expanding faster and faster. In 1803, the United States was able to gain much more land from the French through the Louisiana Purchase. With pioneers flowing in and increasing the population, the country’s hunger for expansion was needier than ever. This greed for land became known as Manifest Destiny.
Naturally when the United States noticed how Mexico had so much useful land, they wanted to find a way to take control of it. The particular area they wanted is now known as Texas. They saw the land as a perfect place for supporting the future U.S citizens along with current…

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