The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Essay

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In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, two paintings are exhibited taking place in the 1800s. These artists have similarities and differences viewpoints of the environment in their painting and it helps people get a glance of what the 1800s were like.

The first painting was by a man named George Caleb Bingham. Bingham was born March 20, 1811, Augusta County, Virginia to Mary Amend and Henry Vest Bingham and died July 7, 1879, in Kansas City, Missouri. Bingham was a self taught artist. He’s well known for his painting like The Country Election. He was actually a Democratic activist and used his art to demonstrate his position. Bingham’s nationality was American. His famous art piece was titled Fur Traders Descending the Missouri. This art piece was made in 1845. The medium he used in this painting was an oil painting on canvas. This piece was approximately 2’5”.
In the Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, a father and son are seen in a canoe uneventful rowing down a river. They are surrounded by trees and sunlight. The father is wearing a red shirt, smoking a pipe while the son is wearing a blue shirt holding a shotgun with a duck in front of him. The father, according to the label on the painting, is French, while his son is also half Indian, a mestizo. The French and the Indians had a compromise during the 17th century in which they agreed to trade within each other fur, which was very important in the economy not only to the Indians but also the French. In the canoe,…

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