The Importance Of Sex Education In The United States

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The United States sexual education program teaches children that abstinence is the best form of protection that they can provide for themselves until marriage. In contrast to the Netherlands, their comprehensive sexual education program emphasizes on how males and females can properly have safe sexual relationships. The United States abstinence-only-till-marriage program has proven to be less effective than Netherland 's sexual health programs in relation to teen pregnancy rates, abortions and sexual transmitted diseases. Therefore the methods of education are also affecting with the culture of society. Since the United States teaches an abstinence-only-till-marriage program, teens are not gaining any knowledge of how to effectively have …show more content…
According to Collective Evolution by Arjun Walia, children are getting introduced to Sex Education by their early Kindergarten years. Many might find this conflicting due to the obvious reason that these children seem way to young to be exposed to topics such as sex education. However, in the Netherlands they do not immediately teach children about the basics of sex such as learning about the genitals, and sexual intercourse. They value sex more as healthy and long lasting relationships with people they soon start to experience feelings for. Not only do they value sex as healthy relationships they also teach of loving their own body, Teaching them about peer pressure, and teaching what Love truly is. This way of teaching Sex education to children is a healthy and neutral way than to just bombard the children with sexual intercourse but to just introduce healthy habits for when these children in the future end up having …show more content…
The same question was asked to 26 parents from the Netherlands and 24 responded by saying yes; allowing their teenager to spend the night over his or her’s boyfriend or girlfriend 's house under the right circumstances.

America’s battle over sex education could be boiled down to one question: Would you let your teenager spend the night with his or her sweetheart in your home?
When 32 American parents were asked this question, 29 said no, including one mother who blurted out, “No way, Jose!” said Amy Schalet, author of the new book “Not Under My Roof: Parents, Teens and the Culture of Sex.” But in the Netherlands, where rates of teen pregnancy and abortion are low, 24 out of 26 parents said that yes, under the right circumstances, they would let their teenager spend the night with their steady boyfriend or girlfriend.
Is it time for the U.S. to “go Dutch”? (The Washington Times “Teen Pregnancy low in ‘sleepover’ country of the

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