Vine Deloria's The Metaphysics Of Modern Existence

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Human beings all over the world struggle to coalesce scientific Western view from a primitive spiritual point of view. Large groups of scientists turn their nose up at primitive points of view, establishing their own views as the only opinion that can be correct, while the primitive fights to just be heard. Vine Deloria Jr. examines the differing views throughout his book, “The Metaphysics of Modern Existence”, and establishes that the primitive view is not to be discounted in our current day and age. It is through acceptance of both primitive and scientific that we will be able to fully understand our world and our place in this metaphysical world.

Vine Deloria Jr. provides an elucidation of what is lacking in our world:
He contends that
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takes into account throughout his book that the primitive has a view that is important to their essence. He argues that the primitive view has a valid and significant analysis of the world. This is not to discount the scientific point of view but to acknowledge it and further its conclusion. “There is a possibility of bringing theology and science together” . Deloria examines the views of both the scientific and the primitive and instead of separating them, he brings them together.

There is a belief structure that is not common but nonetheless important in the different views of the primitive and scientific, “The belief that science testifies to the existence and genius of a deity remains with us and Einstein’s insistence that God does not play dice reflects this unconscious and rarely articulated tie between Western science and religion”. This tie strengthens the bond between science and the primitive.

Primitive views were often questioned and not believed, “Indian customs and beliefs were regarded as primitive superstitions unworthy of serious attention” The consideration needed to address the varying views of both primitive and scientific were taken away from the central point of view by suspicions on both sides of the

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