The Metamorphosis Symbolism Analysis

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Symbolism In “The Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka portrays a very chaotic universe the whole story is very random, and has one of the most unfolding outlines to a story I have ever read before. Franz Kafka story throughout the whole story talks a great deal about symbolism. It all goes into play when Gregor turns into this giant insect one day as he awakes from a deep sleep to go to work. Gregor life turns upside down from that point as his family turns their back on him for not being able to provide for them. In the Metamorphosis Gregor is just this ordinary guy that is very bland, and has no life to him, and the only thing that he really ever gets any emotion for is the picture in his room that has what it seems like a very attractive lady …show more content…
The family symbolized food because that’s how they felt toward Gregor. In other words they start out kind leaving milk and bread for him, showing empathy after his transformation. They also show that they care by bring different kinds of food that he likes in the beginning. After awhile the family forgets about feeding Gregor, and he starts to give up. The father also conflicts injury to Gregor by throwing an apple at him. Now the story really doesn’t go into detail about what that really meant. In my mind that showed me that the father didn’t care about hurting Gregor. Gregor became really depressed after this, and just kind of laid in his room waiting to die, but that is not the only reason that caused Gregor to do give up. Gregor is the biggest symbol in this story I think because out of know were when he wakes up he turns into a giant roach this symbols his life, and himself. Every day he wakes up goes to work doesn’t really get treated well there. Comes home his parents really don’t pay him that much mind then does it all over again. He resembles a character that is just extremely bland, doesn’t seem like a guy who goes after any real dreams or does things that make him truly happy in life. So how he turns into this giant roach symbolizes Gregor because he a roach gets walk on, and seems to live a very bland

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