Theme Of Gender Roles In The Metamorphosis

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Basically, the story of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” is about a man transformed into a giant bug and died without the exact help of family members. In essay “Transforming Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis”, Nina Straus points out that the story of Metamorphosis is mainly about the gender role exchange between male and female, “Metamorphosis unfolds by contrasting Gregor’s maimed and dying body with the evolving, blossoming body of Grete, who take Gregor’s place as family provider and favorite”(Straus 134). It is no doubt that Straus well explained the gender role exchange. At the same time, It is glad that she has the idea that “The male world is a horror and a jail and a prison for both Kafka and Gregor,[ for men]” (Straus 136). The masculine …show more content…
Actually, men are also precise victims in that kind of society, and they even hurt more by the sick principle. As a male grows, he has already been told, “crying is for girls” or “stop acting like a girl”. This kind of dogmatic education easily causes men fail to express what they think. Thus, Mr. Samsa is definitely the victim of the masculine principle. His life and behavior are also acted under the control of that sick principles, he has no freedom to have the life he wants to have, just as he say, “This is a life. This is the peace and quiet of my old age” (Kafka 124). On one hand, it sounds like an obvious complaint about Gregor the useless son who makes his ill father has to work again. But whether that is his true thought? What do you feel about it? Does Mr. Samsa complain about his useless son Gregor or the so – called standard of the patriarchal society? Properly, the answer will be the later one. The society has set the certain images and rules for men to follow, and they can only be tough rather soft. Emotion is only allowed to hide in their deep heart. Rather than well analyze the problem, they just try to dismiss it. In the case of Mr. Samsa, the patriarchal dogmatism makes him lose his patience to think about what happen to his son, instead of focusing on how to get rid of the useless object. Even the dangerous thing happen to his close one, He can’t have, or only allows him to have less emotional feeling. To protect the rest of the family seemingly becomes more important than to rescue the “ill”

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