Essay on The Metamorphosis : A Bildungsroman

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A bildungsroman is a novel about the coming of age, with the character experiencing difficulties which allow them to gradually gain maturity. In The Metamorphosis, Gregor slowly starts realizing that his family is dependent on him and that is something he does not want to accept. Through a series of events which contribute to the overall growth of the character, Gregor gains self realization, ending in his death. The Metamorphosis is an example of a bildungsroman, emphasizing the power of money in society.
A bildungsroman usually starts out with the character experiencing a loss or tragedy that disturbs the main character emotionally (Bildungsroman - Examples and Definition of Bildungsroman). In the Metamorphosis, the main character, Gregor discovers he has turned into a beetle, which is a tragedy of itself. He has experienced a loss of his human form and that is an physical loss as well as emotional. This is typical of a bildungsroman.
Initially, Gregor knew that his interactions with his family weren’t exactly the best, except for the relationship between him and his sister. “Those has been lovely times, and never since have been repeated...but the exchange no longer felt particularly warm”(Kafka, 63). It was a wonderful feeling in the beginning, and yet, slowly it faded away. All he cared about was going to work so that he could pay back the debt that his father owed the boss. He went to work and back, and didn’t even go out in the evening. He wasn’t particularly…

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