Gregor Samsa In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Gregor Samsa underwent many changes in The Metamorphosis , however, this story also portrays minor characters’ transformation. Gregor's metamorphosis complicates the circumstances, considering the Samsa family already had financial problems to deal with. After Gregor dies, the family's financial problems fail to subside, but they no longer need to support their son. He was a burden on the family and it was difficult for them to take care of him. Afterwards, everything seemed to resolve itself, which restored peace in the family. The Samsa family went through a transformation as a whole they went from chaos to tranquility.
Just like Gregor, his parents also experienced significant changes. Though at first Mrs. Samsa tried to show affection she came to agree with Mr. Samsa. Both Mr. and Mrs. Samsa fear Gregor's transformation and agreed that it was essential to locking Gregor up in his room. Mr Samsa's fear turns into disgust and anger after he found it impossible to hide him. They feel relief after his death and decide to pay more attention to their daughter.
Greta is Gregor's younger sister. Greta experiences a coming of age during his metamorphosis. To start with, she is only a girl, but at the end her parents acknowledged how she had grown to
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They are alike because the hardships Gregor had to face are similar to those that Franz experienced in real life. Kafka and Samsa both work as traveling salesman seeing that their family’s made it an obligation. Exactly like Gregor, Kafka had issues at home, in the same way that both had disputes with their fathers. They shared the same dislike for their jobs. Though Gregor hated being a businessman, he had no choice. It was necessary for him to continue working as a traveling salesman to pay off his family's debt. Meanwhile Kafka could not pursue his dream career of being a writer, for the reason that his father wanted him to take on a business

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