The Mental Health System Essay

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The Mental Health System
Sheyanne Nichole Gravette
Virginia College Online

A journey in the mind of an individual suffering from mental health issues is a frightening ride; fear or worthlessness around every turn. There is no happily ever after in sight without the proper treatment an individual can feel lost in their own mind and lose touch with the reality that care can be administered and a normal life is a possibility for the future. The mental health system has evolved dramatically over the years and options are endless, there is a way to find health and healing. Throughout history the stigma of the condition has wreaked havoc on all those suffering, but present day options have halted such stigma and aided in the
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After this, patients were beginning to move out of institutions and into the sane world, this caused quite an uproar for some, but also offered the opportunity to live normal lives in the public (D.D., 2015). Those who suffered were offered several options to begin their life outside of facilities, programs emerged in the areas of counseling, social support, and life-skills training. The modern therapies and treatment are endless with options and include the following: * Drug therapy is the introduction of psychoactive drugs. * Electro conclusive therapy is the process of producing electric shocks to the brain. * Supportive psychotherapy is when the therapist works with patient to engage in problem-solving and expression of feelings. * Psychoanalysis is the understanding of how past experiences have affected the mind. * Psychodynamic psychotherapy is the study of patterns of the unconscious on thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. * Cognitive therapy deals with the distorted ways of thinking and understanding on how to deal with the problem * Behavioral therapy is based on abnormal behaviors are due to a problem with learning. * Interpersonal therapy deals with all unresolved grief and nontraditional social role issues.
The mental health system have several areas of treatment, when dealing with the financial aspect of getting the proper treatment, the necessary treatment plan may prove to be too costly. The mental

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