The Men That Don T Fit In Analysis

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Purpose is the very thing that drives most people to do their best throughout everyday life; however in Charlotte Perkins Gilman “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Robert W Service “The Men That Don’t Fit In” the main characters are living a life that has no meaning or purpose. Because of this similar characterization the reader can find similarities throughout both that can be traced back to the description of having no purpose. As well as this description, the woman discussed in “The Yellow Wallpaper” can be seen as a character that does not fit into society, she is isolated, and the same holds true for the Men discussed in Service’s poem, they feel that they are not like any other productive members of society. Furthermore both characters would …show more content…
Although neither character fits the mold of a normal member of society, the reasons for this are completely different. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” the character is kept away from everyday society because this is thought to be healing her, curing her mental illness. In “The Men That Don’t Fit In” these men are almost choosing to not fit in, they could very well pick one career or lifestyle and stick with it, but they do not, and it makes them feel as if they are not everyday members of civilization. The poem itself is discussing just how these men don’t fit, “He’s a man who won’t fit in.” (Service) These characters know that they don’t fit in as well as the people around them. The woman in Yellow Wallpaper doesn’t chose at all to be isolated, in fact she wishes to be a part of society, yet her husband believes that it’d be best for her to be left alone. “… and hardly lets me stir without special direction,” (Gilman) although her husband believes he is doing right by her, this is only further isolating her from being a normal member of society. Again, if these characters had something to look forward to everyday, to occupy their minds, a purpose, they would feel more like they belong in

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