All Men Are Created Equal Analysis

The Declaration of independence contained the phrase “all men are created equal”, which was written by Thomas Jefferson. As a reader the phrase “all men are created equal” means that all men no matter of color, social position, wealthy, financials status, and culture are all created equal to one another. That all men abide and follow the same law and that all men have the same rights as citizen. It also means that humans are naturally free to make their own choices. On the other hand, the phrase to the founders of the republic meant that all men are created equal under the authority of God. Meaning that all men were responsible to obey Gods law. Basically the founders were God. They were the ones who judged mean if they thought he was not flowing …show more content…
Also were were never able to vote no matter of color or race. On the other hand, white men could vote but not “white women.”. Also Native Americans were at a disadvantage. They had their land taken from them, there lives were ruined, and heritage and beliefs were takin from them. The phrase” all men are created equal” was not applied to them even when they are all regular humans. Africans and the poor also had hypocrisy towards them by the founders. The Africans were slave who were treated unequally to the whites all because of skin color. Its evidence enough to know that Jefferson is the one who wrote the declaration of independence and at the same time he had black slaves working for him. That there proves the phrase was not applied to everyone. The poor to who were treated with no equality at all, even when there all humans created in the same way. I believe that no matter of color, social position, wealthy, financials status, and culture all men are created equal. In the eyes of God were all created equal. Every human no mater of who they are and what color they are we should all have the same opportunities. On the inside all humans are the

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