The Medical Records Of Individual Essay

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How the medical records of individual can be used to evaluate and improve the quality of care in cancer patients.

Health information is defined as data and knowledge by the intelligent system which includes artificial and humans to support their decision and helping the doctors with their decision and their actions (Sullivan F, 2006). They also help in improving patient outcomes by evaluating and making and it effective of the patient data and medical knowledge which is captured, processed, communicated and applied (Titler, 2008). These challenges have become more important ever since the internet has made access to medical information easier for patients and health professionals (Cline et al, 2001). There are various types and sources of health information that can be used such as Clinical data/patient records, Clinical Decision Support Information, Aggregated data, Research in clinical management and trial (Raghupathi W, 2014).

Firstly, in patient record which are the data used in patient care addressing the records and the clinical summary of a patient (Scott, 2013). Patient records are way beyond and used in numerous area like patient care, clinical research, health system management, billing risk management and government reporting (Scott, 2013). This records document the patient consultation with the health professionals which include the summary of encounter with the results and the recommendation of the diagnosed diseases and the suggested follow ups. Secondly…

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