The Medical Profession : An Embodiment Of That Sentiment Essay

821 Words Jun 16th, 2015 4 Pages
It is said that you should always follow your heart and intuition because they already know what you truly want. I believe my journey to the medical profession is an embodiment of that sentiment. My resolution to practice medicine developed through years of personal realization that culminated after overcoming medical issues as a college student. Various clinical experiences have solidified my decision with the acknowledgment that serving as a physician would be fulfilling and gratifying in an unsurpassable manner. My attraction to the scientific aspect of medicine was hereditary in a sense. My parents are biologists who love their work and emphasized a scientific minded approach to health in my upbringing. I expanded on this inclination with a high school job at a health club where I worked closely with others to improve well being through exercise and nutrition. I loved the opportunity to combine scientific principles with close interpersonal service but desired to apply a more in depth understanding of biological principles, leading me to study biology in college with a focus on health care. College held new challenges for me as a financially-independent student, balancing two jobs with classes and university involvement. My life long home schooled education had not challenged me to understand my academic capability or good study habits, consequently reflecting in my grades. However, things changed drastically with the onset of what I believed to be a heart condition.…

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