The Medical Field Outweigh The Unethical Research Methods Essay

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Since the ending of World War II, great controversy has arisen regarding the potential use of the Nazi doctors’ medical experiment findings. Nazi leaders instructed the doctors to perform sickening, gruesome, and terrifying experiments on the inmates of the concentration camps all throughout Europe. These unlawful experiments led the German medical community to gain vast amounts of knowledge regarding the physical limits of the human body under severe circumstances. According to Joel Dimsdale, author and Professor at the University of California, “these observations [gathered from the Nazi experiments] were kept under wraps for decades and there remains controversy even now about what these [experiments] revealed…” (Dimsdale). One of the biggest concerns regarding this argument is the fact that those who participated in these experiments were subjected unethically because they were not given the choice of consent. However, others would argue that even though these experiments were done in unethical circumstances, the potential for these experiments to add to the current studies in the medical field outweigh the unethical research methods. These debatable circumstances revolving the experiments performed during the Holocaust tend to give people strong feelings regarding the use of the Nazi doctors’ medical findings. The Nazi medical experiments were unlawful, disgusting, and even disturbing. Doctor of Medicine, Robert L. Berger, states that “approximately 30 known projects…

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