Essay about The Media 's Representation Of Women

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Misrepresentation is defined as “the action or offense of giving a false or misleading account of the nature of something”. The documentary, Miss Representation, by Jennifer Siebel
Newsom addresses this as definition as it applies to the media and politics for women. The documentary tackles the topic of the media’s representation of women and the consequent socialization into traditional gender roles. Not only are traditional gender messages that are perpetuated by the media pervasive, powerful, and pernicious, but also, women’s delayed progress in politics can be traced back to the media’s representation of women.
The media’s representation of women and the traditional gender messages that it communicates to young women are pervasive. Something that is pervasive is spread widely throughout an area or a group of people, often of an unwelcome influence. The gender messages ingrained in the mainstream media are extremely pervasive in modern society. That is, through media, the gender messages reach the majority of the population. It is estimated that teenagers are exposed to over ten hours of media a day. That is over seventy hours of media in one week.
By these estimates, every single year, teenagers will spend, on average, over 152 days exposed to media content. What effect will this have on them? According to the documentary, fifty-three percent of girls are unhappy with their body by age thirteen. That means over half of thirteen- year-old girls have already been affected…

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