The Media Of Television Production Advertising Essay

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With respect to these findings the question can be posed as to what does this data actually prove? Does it prove that the audience now has all the power? That the audience drives what we see? That is, due to the so-called ‘active audience’ negative response (according to the onscreen tweets) towards Pauline Hanson, is this influencing what audiences see, what the media choose to broadcast? Or, is it somewhat of a façade? Is what we see onscreen a true representation of the 60,000 tweets posted to twitter during the episode or are they merely a cross-section of tweets two producers considered “‘witty and entertaining’” (Q&A website, ABC, 2016). This content analysis will argue the latter.

The basis of television is ratings and advertisement (Allan, 2010, p. 121). As Q&A is an ABC television production advertising revenue is irrelevant. However, ratings clearly are still highly relevant to the production and continued renewal of the television series. Therefore, it is in the producers’ best interest to at all times keep the audience entertained and can do do by “pull(ing) together relevant material from a variety of sources” (Friedman, 2012). In the current climate it has been noted that there has been a significant “…sense of growth in digital audience, especially in the mobile realm” (Lu & Holcomb, Digital News Audience: Fact Sheet, 2016) whereby “audiences are continuing to turn to digital sources for their news” (Lu & Holcomb, Digital News Audience: Fact Sheet, 2016) and…

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