Essay on The Medi Masculinity And Femininity

730 Words Apr 17th, 2015 3 Pages
The question is, “How is ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ defined in the mass media?” Such a broad question with so many answers depending on the type of media you may be looking at. Not all people think alike but the media persuades us on what to think about certain issues. Many types of mass media can have an impact on us such as lyrics to a song, music videos, or magazine ads. Through my essay I will describe the content analysis I have performed dealing with the lyrics of a song. I believe femininity in distorted through mass media but I also want to tie in how masculinity also plays a huge role. My thesis for this essay is “The mass media portrays masculinity and femininity in many different ways, such as showing how males are seen as more dominant.” I was asked to pick a pop-culture artifact to perform a content analysis so I chose to write about a song. I chose the song “The Man” By: Aloe Blacc because it not only describes masculinity but also femininity. Through the lyrics of this song it mentions how this man was broken down but always got back up and therefore he said how he’s the man. In today’s society this is how we would define masculinity, as a strong man who won’t give up even when times get rough. A line in the lyrics states “Be a king when kingdom comes.” This tells us that the man will always be dominant. I also observed through this song how he mentions over and over how he’s the man. I believe masculinity holds a super ego because of how it’s…

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