Essay on The Meaning Of The Word Of God

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Thus far Biblical languages have been very interesting. I am learning how to break down and also how to investigate the meanings of words in reference to my reading and understanding of the Word of God. Studying the New Testament in its original language is very important when trying to bring forth the Word of God to current Christians and not miss what the author intended when the passage was first written. Black stated that the principles of Greek Instruction is indeed important; however, it is the servant’s heart, a love for God and for God’s people that makes studying Greek an important part of the seminary curriculum. This theory I agree with because as we study how to find the first intended meaning of a word or words in the New Testament it is important that we first have the passion for God to want to go deeper in him. Often studying the word will require several sources of material; which will require countless possible hours of time. Time is very hard to set aside for studying so the love for and of God is what will drive your willingness to do this.
Black put it beautifully; he feels that the studying of Greek in the New Testament speaks to sensitive hearts. He states that reading the New Testament in its original form is a part of God’s means of bringing us in touch with the power and effect of the text and applying its truths to our lives. Black went on to write that scriptures that are imbued with this kind of power cannot passively received. In my own words I…

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