The Meaning Of Food For Us And Others Essay

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The Meaning of Food to Us and Others
Every human being is subjected to some form of eating food due to the physical needs. If you cannot eat, then means you are either medically ill or you have made a choice to die. The body needs to grow and for it to grow it needs nutrients. The nutrient aspect here is of importance because somebody can be eating food without the nutrients the body requires and hence that will be futile work. However, with time there are a lot of dynamics surrounding the topic of food. Food now speaks different things in different settings and to different people. In fact, you can learn about somebody just by observing the kind of food such a person is taking. Plenty of literature on food seems to focus mostly on the nutritional aspect of food. However, the works of Gary Paul Nabhan takes a different dimension on this subject. G.P. Nabhan presents the aspect of the role of genetics in the kind of foods people. He points to the role played by place of origin and the culture upheld by people on the kind of foods they eat. Deborah Lupton on the other focuses on analyzing why people eat and the impact this has on the individual. The basic reason for taking food in the past and even today is to give the body what it deserves for growth. However, today the kind of food people eat and where they take it, especially when out of home setting, speaks everything about them, which include who they are, where they come from, what they like and what…

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