Essay about The Meaning Behind Liberal Arts

1232 Words Sep 16th, 2014 5 Pages
Paige Dickel
Professor Duinink
Social Change and Human Nature
16 September 2014
The Meaning Behind Liberal Arts In May of 2018 I will be graduating from Central College with a variety of accomplishments. One will be achieving a liberal arts education. I have gathered a collection of information regarding the meaning of liberal arts from reading numerous articles, hearing speeches from key figures, and analyzing schools’ advertisements on liberal arts. However, with all this information I still did not truly know what a liberal arts education meant until asked to write this paper. I realized I did not fully understand what a liberal arts education was because I was expecting an answer from a single reading or speech. In reality all the authors and speakers helped me form my personal definition of a liberal arts education. I define liberal arts as a broad and rounded education. One that is not specific to one academic field, but glimpses at any number of fields. The definition is simple; the journey of achievement is what is complex. Cronon introduced me to the journey. Cronon wrote about ten important qualities an individual must acquire before claiming a liberal arts based education. This intrigued me because it had nothing to do with academic courses; it was a list of personal values. “They listen and they hear, they read and they understand, they can talk with anyone, they can write clearly and persuasively and movingly, they can solve a wide variety of…

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