The Mayor Of Crestview By David Cadle Essay

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Leadership Ethics
The Mayor of Crestview, David Cadle shows Laissez-Faire leadership style. The Laissez-faire leader takes a “hands-off, let-things-ride” approach (Northouse, 2016). The leader abdicates responsibility, delays decisions, gives no feedback, and makes little effort to help followers satisfy their needs.
In the case of Crestview, Mayor Cadle didn’t make any comment at the violation of sunshine law by the City Council members. Similarly, the reading did not show any comment from Mayor in the case of resignation of City Council member Berezo, City Attorney Holley, and termination of Administrative Service Director Mike Wing.

Skill Approach: Mayor Cadle has a 38-year experience of High School Band Director, where he was very successful and received national/ state level recognition. But Mayor Cadle has no public service experience or education as per the reading. He lacks the technical skills which include competencies in a specialized area, analytical ability, and capacity to use appropriate tools and techniques to run the City government effectively and efficiently (Northouse, 2016).

Behavioral Approach: Mayor Cadle shows impoverished management style where he is unconcerned with both the task and interpersonal relationships. Impoverished leaders go through the motion of being a leader but act uninvolved and withdrawn (Northouse, 2016). Mayor Cadle doesn’t show a lot of interest in the city business, and there are very few instances in the case where we have…

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